May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Grad school graduation 2 years ago
     I have to admit that my parents are pretty cool.  They run all kinds of road races with me, participate in tons of outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, skiing), dress up in costumes on Halloween and sometimes have a better social life than we do!  Mom and Dad have always supported me (and now Aaron) and with the exception that cool 1980's toy the "Sit-n-Spin" (ha, ha, ha!), I never wanted for anything growing up.  They even helped out with college tuition!
     With my old age I think I've become more appreciative of things I have in my life that others may not.  And though I may not always say it I appreciate everything you've done for me!  Thanks for being such great parents! 
     Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Our pot o' gold costumes for a 5 mile race on St. Patrick's Day (we made them!)

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