July 13, 2011

Race Results!

     Hello!  On the 4th of July my family celebrated America's birthday by running a 10k in Foxboro, MA.  My husband is a HUGE fan of the New England Patriots and decided to walk the 6.2 miles (he's still recovering from surgery) so he could experience the thrill of running into Gillette Stadium and onto the field, cheered on by real-live Patriot cheerleaders of course!
     Although I began the race with my father I picked up my pace a bit and ended up finishing with a time of 1:02 - that's 4 minutes faster than last year! Toot, toot! (that's me tooting my own horn!)


                  Coming up to the stadium and through the tunnel.

The finish line!  Can you see the cheerleaders to the right of the helmet?  Go runners, go!  Go runners, go!

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  1. Excuse me -- your mother was with you on the race last you too! Love Mom