June 14, 2011

I LOVE My Job!

     I know not everyone can say that but I really do!  One of the perks of teaching in a rural town is being able to take advantage of the local farms and business and bring them into the school for students to get a better understanding of what is in their community.  Every year my school holds Agriculture Day for just this reason.  The event is set up on our soccer field and bee keepers, gardeners, local forest rangers and conservationists, and tons of local citizens who use animals as part of their every day lives are invited to attend.  For many students this is the first time they'll be able to see and actually touch a rabbit or a cow.  It is a bit frightening for some and I always have one or two that hang out at the back of the crowd but for everyone else it's such an enriching experience.  To be honest I don't know who gets more excited about this day - me or my 5 year olds!

Hens... bruck, bruck, cluck!

A two-week old bunny.

A three-week old lamb.


Mini horse.
And my absolute favorite - alpacas!  When my husband and I win the lottery we are buying an alpaca farm!

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