December 19, 2010

Here's How I Spent My Weekend!

     On Saturday I got together with the Stamp Club ladies from Portsmouth and stamped, stamped, stamped - for 4 hours!!   But this wasn't a workshop in the traditional sense.  It was a shoebox swap with a purpose: we made cards for Susanna's husband to distribute to troops while he's stationed in Afghanistan.  Each member came up with one card, supplied all the materials needed to make the card and then demonstrated how to put it together.  And I must admit that it felt sooo nice to sit back and let others do all the work!  In the end, we had about 60 cards with various sentiments to send to the brave men and woman who are currently serving in Afghanistan.
     It was also Jane's birthday!  We celebrated with a delicious breakfast and, of course, cake!
     On Sunday I was up at 6am and spent the entire morning baking cookies, I finally finished at 11:30.  I made Vanishing Oatmeal Chocolate Chip for the cookie swap at school on Monday and gingerbread men for my Kindergarten kids to enjoy on Monday (we're going to read the story and then graph which body part we eat first!).  In total I ended up baking 94 cookies, 52 of which were the gingerbread men that still need to be decorated...
     I'm supposed to start making gift tags and wrap presents pretty soon but I think I may just veg out on the couch for a bit... I'm tired!

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