September 1, 2010

Look Mom! I'm Eating Pot Roast!

     That's right, I am actually eating and enjoying pot roast!  As my mother will tell you, at no point in my life have I ever been a fan of pot roast.  Not sure why, I just never liked it.  My husband, Aaron, and I made a trip to my parents house a few weekends ago and were greeted by the wonderful smell of a roast in the crock pot (I will admit that pot roast does smell deee-licious when cooking).  Knowing that I'm not a fan of the dish and convinced that he could show me the errors of my taste buds, Aaron decided to try his hand at cooking a roast. 
     So on his next day off, Aaron slaved all day over a hot stove in sweltering heat (our second heat wave of the summer) and made dinner.  Hesitant to try it at first, I sampled a spoonful from the pot on the stove and was pleasantly surprised!  The potatoes and carrots were melt in your mouth tender and the roast was cut into perfect Joanna-size pieces (that's another story).  It was so good that we had leftovers the next day!
     I should mention that Aaron is definitely the cook of the family.  I'm really good at cooking chicken nuggets & fries, toast and an occasional pasta dish.  Baking is more my thing.  We pretty much have an unspoken agreement: he cooks dinner and I take care of dessert. 

P.S.  Two days after the roast Aaron made lasagna - from scratch!

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  1. Yeah!! I can't believe it! She's eating veggies, and sushi, and pot roast. Who knew that the trick to getting my kid to eat was for her to find a great guy who is a great cook! Mom