June 20, 2012

Race Season Has Begun!

      For those of you who follow my blog you know that I'm a runner.  I usually post photos from races and give a little blurb about how I did (ok, it's really an opportunity for me to too my own horn - toot, toot!).  Unfortunately, I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to fill you in, until now.  The race season for me officially began back on May 17th with the annual Concord Hospital 5k and another 5k on May 20 supporting the Kittery Fire Department.
     On June 2nd I participated in the annual Over the River and Thru the Woods 5k in Concord that benefited the SPCA.  Can I just say that I am dedicated.  It was POURING rain before, during and after the race but I still ran... it was for the animals, afterall.  Do you know how heavy wet, muddy sneakers are???  I didn't medal this year but I did beat last year's time by 3 seconds and came in 7th in my age group.

This is my happy face BEFORE the race
     In preparation for my big 10k at Gillette stadium this summer I participated in the 35th annual Market Square Day 10k (6.2 miles) on June 9th.  This was a race I had wanted to do for 3 years but I always seemed to miss the sign-up deadline.  My goal was to come in under 60 minutes and boy, did I!  My official finish time was 56:21 - woohoo!  The race course went right past my Auntie Jane & Uncle Bob's house so  they set up a little water station to support the runners.  My mom and dad were there to help out and snap the action photo ;)

Only 4 more miles to go!

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