February 14, 2012

Sweet Pressed Sugar Cookies

     Hello!  It's Recipe Tuesday and today's recipe for sugar cookies comes straight from the refrigerated section of my grocery store.  I {love} to eat sugar cookies but I'm not a fan of making them; enter Pillsbury Refrigerated Sugar Cookie dough and the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps from Stampin' Up!.
     The cookie press is super simple to use: simply slip silicone stamp on bottom of wooden handle and press into dough!  Silicone stamps are food-safe and dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze.  Both the Holiday and Occasions presses can be found in the Occasions Mini Catalog for $16.95 (here).
     The cookies were sliced directly from the dough roll, about 1/4" each (I like thin cookies) and baked according to package directions. 
     I have seen several ways to use the cookie presses with cookies but I found the easiest to be pressing the cookies after they've been baked.  Let cookies cool for about a minute on baking sheet and then gently press the stamp onto cookies.  Decorate, if desired.
     If cutting thicker cookies, I recommend baking them for an additional minute letting them cool on the baking sheet for up to 3 minutes (the center of the cookie can be gooey) before pressing them.
Holiday Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps, $16.95

Occasions Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamp, $16.95

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