October 21, 2010

$12 For a Pie?!

   No, your eyes are not deceiving you... that is a $12 apple pie.  Outrageous, I know but it's soooo worth it!  The owners of Slice of Heaven Bakery in Epsom, NH weren't kidding when they named their company after the great beyond - each piece really is like a little slice of heaven!  The crust is so flavorful and flaky it practically melts in your mouth.  The filling is simple yet incredibly delicious.  Look at the ingredients -there are only 8 used in the entire pie and I can pronounce every one!
     So how did we find a $12 pie?  It all started this summer with my husband's craving for a blueberry pie.  Every Tuesday and Thursday we pass an Agway on our way to F.I.T's Combat Conditioning Class (a high intensity workout that's designed for law enforcement officers and military personnel).  Tony is a fabulous personal trainer and really pushes you to do your best but the one thing he does not teach you is self-control (a.k.a. willpower).  All summer there had been a sign prominently displayed in front of Agway advertising homemade pies.  I swear, every time we'd pass by that sign it got just a bit closer to the road, making if difficult to not see it. 
     So one Thursday afternoon, obviously delirious from such an incredible workout and showing very little willpower, we decided to stop.  Oooooh, my goodness; that was probably the worst decision we could have made.  I knew we were in trouble after the first bite, it was absolutely wonderful (here's the part where the heavenly fog rolls in, a golden light shines upon the pie and a choir of angels sing "aaahhhhhh").  Oh sure, we've tried other less expensive homemade pies: Carter Hill Orchard, Market Basket, Hannaford and dare I say Mrs. Smith's (you know, the frozen ones), but nothing compares to Slice of Heaven.  Nothing.  I feel confident in saying that we are now addicted to these pies.  Sadly, we know the baking and delivery schedule: pies are baked on Wednesdays and delivered to Agway on Thursdays.  They're at their freshest on Thursday and are usually sold out by Saturday.  Obviously we aren't the only ones who have an incredibly difficult time resisting these pies!
    Aaron and I cut the first piece of pie at 6pm and this is what was left by 7:30pm.  Of the same day.  Need I say more?! 


  1. It's a good thing Agway doesn't advertise SOH's Cinnamon Rolls, or you'd need F.I.T. morning, noon and night!

    I agree--super pie, super women running this company too. www.sliceofheavencateringnh.com

    deb meyers

  2. I like their Raspberry pies! And their apple crisp is amazing!