September 7, 2010

Help An Injured Marine...

I try to keep my blog upbeat and somewhat entertaining but I wanted to share this info that was forwarded to me by a family member.   If you have a chance, please send a card (homemade or store bought) to this young man.  It is because of the brave that we live in the land of the free

Dear Marines & Marine Friends:
We have a young Marine, Cpl Shane Hathaway, who underwent surgery yesterday, 30 August 2010. He was shot 4 times. His family has said he would love to receive cards and letters to cheer him up. So lets do it.
Send to:

Cpl Shane Hathaway, USMC
Surgical Unit 5th Floor
National Naval Medical Center
8901 Rockville Pike
Bethesda MD 20889-5600

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